Clinical Mentoring

E-learning Modules for Mentors and Mentees

The MACP are delighted to offer thee free-to-access (CSP/MACP funded) 3 e-learning modules for supporting mentors and mentees.

The 3 modules have been written by an expert in the field and are a fantsastic resource for anyone involved in mentoring either as a mentor or mentee. Looking at all aspects of mentoring and how to manage this successfully, the modules also offer sign-posting for further information.

First Module - Mentoring - Why and What?

Second Module - Mentoring - How?

Third Module - Mentoring - Practical Applications

There is always a demand for MACP members to become clinical mentors to existing students undertaking postgraduate courses leading to the MACP membership.

The role of a clinical mentor

  • To develop a partnership between the mentor and mentee in order to facilitate higher levels of functioning within a clinical setting
  • To develop a culture of reflection, critical thinking and inquiry to promote personal and professional development
  • To support, nurture, respect, encourage, befriend and learn
  • To act as an objective assessor

Benefits of being a clinical mentor

  • To support others in their MACP journey
  • To develop a culture of learning in your workplace
  • To enhance your own personal and professional development
  • To develop your own self-awareness, analytical and constructive feedback skills

Benefits to the workplace

  • Enhance the reputation of the department and positively impact on recruitment and retention
  • Enhance the academic working environment and give staff pride in their workplace
  • Enhance the high standards of the clinical staff and desire to support an academic study to commissioners
  • Mentors of master level student are well respected by MDT and may encourage research, audit and critical clinical appraisal

The following resources are available for MACP Clinical Mentors

Please read this latest update on the MACP Mentoring scheme

Mentors Co-ordinator - For further information regarding the mentoring process then please contact Elaine Dechow (MACP mentors' mentor) -