FourteenFish CPD Portal - a guide for members


What is the FourteenFish MACP portal?


Story of the FourteenFish MACP portal

Proudly launching our FourteenFish CPD portal - the MACP MSK Capability Portal

On the 6th June 2022 the MACP Executive was delighted to announce a partnership with UK software company FourteenFish to provide you with a brand new eportfolio for Continual Professional Development.

Prior to this collaboration, the MACP spent many months researching and observing the marketplace for e-portfolios.  After great consideration FourteenFish were seen as the preferred provider due to their existing work with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGPs).  Both the RCGPs and FourteenFish had an excellent understanding of the requirements of the MACP in establishing a portal designed for Physiotherapists - in the first instance - and ultimately all allied health professionals involved in MSK Practice. 

Our joint aim was to support members' aspirations in centralising their professional portfolio.  Thus, the partnership between the MACP and FourteenFish was born. Throughout the discovery and research phase, the MACP maintained constant communication with both HEE (Health Education England) and the CSP.

- The MACP portal provides access to an e-portfolio that intuitively maps to MACP and therefore IFOMPT Standards as well as FCP standards and MSK Advanced Practice (AP) standards.
- The e-portfolio supports those seeking to provide evidence of capability in completing their FCP and AP frameworks.
- The e-portfolio can support those wishing to join the MACP as Full Members in assisting them in submitting evidence for membership.
- The MACP also recognised the importance of developing the platform to include the upcoming Consultant Framework Capabilities to ensure inclusivity for all our members in recording CPD.

We received convincing and impressive feedback from trial users as follows:

- 100% of trial users said this would be a useful tool for experienced and inexperienced staff in recording CPD
- 90% of trial users felt the e-portfolio was useful for recording CPD
- "great to have everything in one place"
- "easy to navigate: graphics are excellent"
- "looks good overall"
- "the portal as a way of collating info in general is logical and easy to use"
- "Intuitive and clear. I have completed the FCP roadmap so am fairly familiar with the different parts of it, but I still found the portal very simple, clear and walked me through it really clearly"
- "I think this has the utility for FCP and will be really useful as it maps effectively to the KSA and also automatically populates for exemptions eg if MACP members certificate is submitted"
- "brings everything together nicely and can be used throughout your career"
- "Works well on mobile, which is brilliant for me"

The MACP recognises that there are many ways to maintain CPD requirements, however to our knowledge these lack the superior function of the FourteenFish e-portfolio.

Some of these benefits are around its flexibility and ease of use.  It can be easily accessed on or offline, from your phone, computer, laptop or tablet.  It allows the physiotherapist to share the evidence they choose with managers or supervisors to comment on, enhances HCPC audit and can create colleagues and patient surveys. 

We hope that you will all enjoy using this fantastic new member benefit to help with your career journey! We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available.

How to use and benefit from the Fourteenfish MACP portal


Who are FourteenFish?

FourteenFish Ltd is a UK-based software company providing learning tools for Health Professionals. They provide a portal access to portfolios for professional practice.

Thousands of GP's use FourteenFish to do their annual appraisals, and to stay up to date via their GP Library CPD app & FourteenFish were also selected by the Royal College of GP's as the new supplier for the Trainee Portfolio which is used by all 13,000 GP Trainees in the UK.

How will FourteenFish help me?

The FourteenFish portal is an MACP MSK Capability portal designed to help any MSK clinician to manage their CPD. The importance of CPD has always been essential, however gathering evidence to support your leaning can be a challenge. 14fish makes this job easier using accessible easy to use functions.

It links to the HEE FCP roadmap and it links to the MACP Portfolio Route. Watch the video on the bottom left of the page to see how it can benefit you.

Who can gain access and how?

Free access is available to all categories of MACP Membership - Full, Associate and Affiliate as part of the membership package.

Existing members can access the portal immediately. You do not have to complete any exams to become an affiliate member of the MACP other than being a qualified physio - however plans are in place to grant access to any MSK clinician in the near future.

If I am a supervisor or mentor?

Do I have to pay? No, supervisors or mentors do not have to pay to view the trainee portfolio or verify the trainee on the website.

How will I know when a trainee's FCP or MACP portfolio is ready? Once a trainee feels their portfolio has reached a sufficient level to be verified or the trainee completes the self-rating section on the verification form, you will be emailed on the email address that they have entered for you on the toolkit. 

If I am an aspiring First Contact Practitioner

FCP RoadMap, Knowledge, Skills and Attributes mapping has also been made easy and user friendly with both desktop and mobile functions. As the FCP MSK Roadmap stage 2 WPBA mirrors that of the GP specialist training, it made sense that we should utilise a tried and tested platform, endorsed by the RCGP, to help MSK FCP's and their supervisors navigate stage 2 sign off. Clinical supervisors can be assigned to view the portfolio before training begins. More information 

If I am completing my MACP portfolio

The portal has also been mapped fully to IFOMPT standards to aid trainees completing a portfolio route to full membership of the MACP. Mentors and HEI’s can access the trainee portfolio to aid external verification towards completion. 

If I am looking to record CPD

Use the FourteenFish Portfolio app to work on your PDP and CPD portfolio any time, anywhere

Can I buy access to the portal without MACP membership?

Access to the portal is included in MACP membership - the MACP’s strategy is to be an inclusive organisation that provides leadership, support and growth for the musculoskeletal community.  Physiotherapists can join the MACP as Affiliate members and will have access to the portal and the portfolio as a benefit of being a member.  To see further benefits of being a member, please visit our membership page.


If I am a qualified practitioner - how does it help me?

The portal is not just a tool for aspiring FCPs or MACP students. If you are a qualified practitioner the portal, along with the App, can be used to document all relevant information required for appraisal, or HCPC audit. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can an organisation buy licences for a team?

This is something that the MACP can offer organisations - visit this page for more information.