If I am an aspiring First Contact Practitioner

FCP RoadMap, Knowledge, Skills and Attributes mapping has also been made easy and user friendly with both desktop and mobile functions. As the FCP MSK Roadmap stage 2 WPBA (Workplace Based Assessment) mirrors that of the GP specialist training, it made sense that we should utilise a tried and tested platform, endorsed by the RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners), to help MSK FCPs and their supervisors navigate stage 2 sign off. Clinical supervisors can be assigned to view the portfolio before training begins.

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Supervisors will be emailed with a date, venue and time of said CBD (structured oral interview) and COT. Supervisors can then access the built in template and complete on a mobile device or desktop.

Progress reports and spread of entries can visually update the trainee of the sections that need greater evidence, thus focusing CPD and peer reviews.

The Compliance passport sections allows the trainee to upload pertinent certificates and modules that are required for their training and ongoing CPD. For instance an MACP certificate will self-populate the Stage 1 section of the FCP training as described by HEE (Health Education England).

Surveys - Built in MSF programs can be emailed to groups of clinicians with ease.

Person satisfaction questionnaires PSQs are made easier with built in templates and data recording platforms.