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MACP Structure

Research Subcommittee

Getting involved with the research subcommittee will offer the opportunity to assist the research officer with a range of tasks. This includes reviewing the award applications for our members, reviewing applications to utilise the MACP for surveys, and facilitating any research activities that the research officer or MACP are involved in. 

Click here to see the  MACP Research Subcommittee member responsibilities (July 2017) Our current members include: Jaj Mankelow, Stuart Wareham, Janet Deane, Matt Willett and Andrea Ravindra

Professional Development Subcommittee

The  professional development subcommittee assist with the organisation/promotion of courses for the MACP

To assist members nationally in the development of their continuing professional portfolios by providing CPD opportunities.
To provide a career structure for physiotherapists who wish to develop skills in the field of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction and leading ultimately to membership.

CPD opportunities include:
Practical short courses or conference/seminar forums for disseminating current evidence-based practice and clinical effectiveness.

CPD opportunities focus on updating and developing:

  • Theory
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Life-long learning skills.
  • Critical appraisal of current evidence based on clinical practice.
  • Critical appraisal of current research into musculoskeletal conditions/treatment.

If you are interested in getting involved in this committee please contact 

Communication Subcommittee

The communications committee's role within the MACP is to promote the activities of the MACP and all its members. The communication committee also visits each academic institution to answer questions regarding the MACP. Externally it helps to coordinate responses to musculoskeletal articles published in the medical literature. 

It also provides a link with the CSP to provide an expert opinion on items of musculoskeletal interest. It also helps to administer the MACP associate member yearly book prize, allocated to each course leading to MACP exemption, on a yearly basis.

If you are doing anything of interest in the world of musculoskeletal medicine, and wish to inform other MACP members of your activities please contact the communication officer.

If you are interested in getting involved in this committee, please contact us below;

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Membership committee

The membership committee currently oversees the application for MACP membership via reciprocal recognition and portfolio route to membership. It provides advice on routes to membership and signposts potential applications to the relevant resources and answers members questions on membership packages.

It continues to work to enhance the benefits of being a MACP member and alongside the communications committee promotes the value of physiotherapists becoming a member of external organisations.


Working group

There are opportunities to join a temporary working group. The MACP periodically set up these working parties for specific activities aimed to be completed within a specific timeframe.

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