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Unilateral Recognition

26th Oct 2011

Unilateral Recognition................

MACP members will soon be asked to vote as to whether to allow unilateral recognition of members of the equivalent specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapy groups from Australia and New Zealand. This would mean that members of these organisations from these two countries coming to the UK would be able to gain membership of the MACP based upon their overseas membership. It has already been proposed by IFOMPT that in 2012 there will be reciprocal recognition between all member organisations. However pre-empting this the MACP has been in discussions with Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia and the New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapists Association, both of which were keen to organise reciprocal recognition earlier. However when Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia consulted with the Australian Physiotherapy Association they were informed that it would not be possible to allow this reciprocal recognition. The Executive committee will be contacting members and asking them to comment and vote on the issue of whether the MACP should unilaterally recognise the equivalent groups in Australia and New Zealand, or whether we should wait until IFOMPT brings in the reciprocal recognition agreement.


10th Oct 2011


This standardised patient reported outcome measure is now available via the CSP website. It contains the following information:

1. The EQ-5D-5L measure

2. The Excel EQ-5D-5L calculator - which converts the descriptive index to a single index and give the change in quality of life score

3. Instructions how to use the calculator, including how to report the findings generated to key stakeholders (In Excel and Word)

4. Support document 'Frequently Asked Questions', based on the advice of those who have experience using the measure in physiotherapy practice

5. Support document 'All about QALYs (quality adjusted life year)', gives comprehensive background to this approach

6. A set of power point slides which explains the background and context as well as detail of the measure, its sensitivity and appropriateness (suitable for use with a physiotherapy service)


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