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ARMA Manifesto

17th Oct 2012

The MACP is proud to support ARMA in the publication of its manifesto which was launched last week, as we feel that it has a relevant message to our members.......

Please find attached (click here) a copy of the ARMA Manifesto which is being launched on Thursday 11th October. A short statement announcing the launch is shown below.

ARMA calls for action on World Arthritis Day 2012

ARMA is pleased to announce the launch of our new Manifesto for transforming the quality of life of people with musculoskeletal disorders in the UK. With an ageing population, a growing emphasis on public health and prevention and an increasing need for health services to deliver cost-effective care, there has never been a more important time to campaign for the recognition of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) as a health priority and to work for healthcare becoming truly patient-centred and integrated.

Informed by the extensive experience and expertise of our 40 member organisations, ARMA is uniquely placed to speak on behalf of the musculoskeletal community.

ARMA is calling for improvements in care to meet the needs of people with MSDs, access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time and support to enable people with MSDs to live healthy independent, fulfilling lives.


Our message is simple: MSDs embody the need to make healthcare more integrated and patient-centred, and to "do more for less". This is where the big wins are. MSDs therefore need to be a priority for improving health across the board.


Thank you.


Siobhán Lanigan

Project Co-ordinator


Bride House

18-20 Bride Lane

London EC4Y 8EE

0207 842 0910

Registered Charity No: 1108851 Registered Company No: 5380237

The CSP is encouraging physiotherapists to engage with NICE

10th Oct 2012

The CSP is encouraging physiotherapists to engage with NICE, and have asked that the MACP circulate this to their members........

Members may wish to consider self nominating to NICE for this role.

Dear Colleagues,

Recruitment has now begun for a number of additional members to join the Quality Standards Advisory Committee.

We are looking to appoint the following standing members:

- Commissioners of health and social care services (such as those from clinical commissioning groups or local authorities)

- Social care professionals (such as those from local authorities, voluntary sector, private sector and working in adult or children's services)

- Public health professionals (including those working in local authority or NHS settings such as doctors and nurses, practitioners or officers)

- Experts in measurement

- Primary care professionals (such as GPs or practice nurses)

- Secondary care health providers (such as senior nurses, allied health professionals, clinical directors, pharmacists)

- Secondary care managers (such as clinical service managers)

Information on the posts, including how to apply, is available on the NICE website. Please follow this link for details: The deadline for applications to these posts is 25 September (5pm).

NICE's Patient and Public Involvement Programme (PPIP) are also recruiting separately for standing lay members to join these committees.

Standing members will be drawn from the NHS, health and social care professionals, patients and carers and academia. They do not represent their organisations but are selected for their expertise, experience of working with multidisciplinary and lay colleagues and understanding of evidence based healthcare.

A number of topic experts (including lay members) will also be invited to join the standing members to form the Topic Expert Group (TEG) for each quality standard topic. All members of the TEG will have equal status, which reflects the relevance and importance of their different expertise and experience.

NICE will continue to use its existing recruitment processes until the standing chairs/members TEG process is fully operational.

If you have any queries please contact

Kind Regards,

NICE Quality Standards Team

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