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Interested in developing and delivering new MACP courses?

31st Jul 2014

Dear MACP members .........


Interested in developing and delivering new MACP courses?


The MACP are looking for members to join a working party to develop and then deliver the MACP's new Advancing Clinical Practice courses for the upper and lower quadrant.


The courses are delivered over two days and are aimed at the band 5 and 6 KSF framework for physiotherapists interested in specialising in neuro-musculoskeletal physiotherapy. The philosophy of these courses will be focused around advancing assessment skills, clinical reasoning and will most likely include observed patient interaction to promote practical problem solving.


We aim to establish a strong working party of 5 or 6 MACP members who would develop the courses' content and then deliver them throughout the country.


If you are interested in this exciting opportunity please email with your CV and a short summary of the reasons why you would be a good candidate by 31/08/14.

The MACP strategy event: A Student's View.

28th Jul 2014

The MACP strategy event: A Student's View........


Hi readers,

My name is Abi Onuoha, I am currently studying on the Physiotherapy (pre-registration) MSc course at The University of Essex. Through my role as The CSP student representative, I heard about The MACP strategy event. The chair of the society was keen to find out the students' perspective on the development of musculoskeletal physiotherapy and The MACP as an organisation.

The Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists ...I didn't know anything about it, but it sounded right up my street! Coming from a Sports Therapy background, MSK is an area of physiotherapy that I am passionate about, so I submitted a small piece with the hope to be considered to attend the conference. The next thing I knew I was there, surrounded by great physios, some of which had written journal articles that I had read just that week! Pretty surreal.

Before attending the strategy event, I was eager to find out more about The MACP, so like every good student, I did the research - visited their website, looked for information from The CSP, Twitter and Facebook. Still not feeling confident that I could explain much about The MACP, I took the time to read their blog pages. Surprisingly enough, I gained more of an insight into the organisation from those than from the website itself.

When I arrived at the event, apart from feeling totally out of my depth, I was anxious because I didn't feel equipped to contribute to talks about The MACP's 'strategies'. I got the impression from the blogs and the Twitter account that focus has been on Research, CPD and Communication. Other 'strategies' that I had conjured up were Mindfulness and Alternative Therapies (and I kept those to myself on the day!).

I immediately felt welcome and Clair made the nervous 'hellos' a lot easier by introducing me to two post grad MSc students. Sigh of relief. Throughout the morning, the majority of the discussion consisted of MACP topics that I did not feel I could comment on. Although feeling conscious that I wasn't contributing much to conversation, I was happy to just listen, absorb information and get to grips with how The MACP works. The day was led by a great facilitator, (external to The MACP) who did a great job in directing the conversation and dispersing any tension from heated discussions. Initially I felt a little uncomfortable during the debates, but one thing I noticed was that everyone was passionate. Although driven by their own views and beliefs, they all shared a common goal of upholding high standards but also changing any negative elitist perceptions of The MACP. This was good to see.

After lunch, there was an emphasis on an action plan, where to go from here? I had gained a bit more confidence by this point, having spoken to different individuals, participating in group tasks and getting to know everyone. I was often asked my opinion about various ideas going forward and I was happy to contribute where necessary. Selecting appropriate times to have my say was quite tricky for me, as I can talk for England if it's something I'm enthusiastic about! By the late afternoon, there were some tired eyes and hungry tummys, but the physio talk was getting really interesting. Lots of encouraging ideas were flying around aswell as good plans in place for the development of The MACP. At dinner, there was a positive vibe within the group and I left that evening feeling really inspired (cheesy I know), but it's true.

I see a student vision for The MACP - we should be educated about the organisation early on in our studies and regard it as a community we'd feel privileged to be part of in the future. Raising awareness of the organisation within the student and new graduate population, whereby they can access resources and career development opportunities, you can positively influence the physiotherapists of the future. By educating us about your ground breaking research and skills of the extended scope practitioners, you can advance excellence in physiotherapy. Students could learn a thing or two from you.

Here's a nice quote for you all:
"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." - Charles Darwin

New MACP president:

24th Jul 2014

New MACP president: Recovery Director for the charity Help for Heroes, Colonel David Richmond, CBE.......

The MACP were thrilled and delighted when Colonel David Richmond, CBE, graciously agreed to be their new president. As Recovery Director for the charity Help for Heroes, they felt that David was ideally placed to understand the key role that physical therapists play in maximising recovery following all types of injury (

Speaking at the Help for Heroes' Recovery Centre Tedworth House, David said "I was honoured to be asked to become president of the MACP. Having researched MACP I am impressed with the professionalism of the Association and the amount and breadth of activities that they are involved with. I want to be a 'hands-on' President but with a very busy diary, I was keen to know what events, meetings and the Association wished me to attend." The Chair of MACP, Clair Hebron, was quick to answer that question; the IFOMPT 2016 Conference in Glasgow! "This four yearly, international conference promises to be a showcase for musculoskeletal physiotherapy and we are proud to be hosting it in the UK". Commenting of the theme of the IFOMPT 2016 conference, 'Expanding Horizons', David said "With the patient expectation justifiably increasing, improvements in longevity of patients living with chronic conditions, and the current healthcare environment it is vital that good quality research is undertaken and importantly presented to a wide audience. It strikes me that physiotherapists are actively engaged in this process and that this conference will provide a fantastic forum to share 'good practice'. Ultimately if patient care improves, it has got to be good"

IFOMPT Newsletter July 2014

16th Jul 2014

IFOMPT - latest edition of the Manual Therapy Research review

15th Jul 2014

IFOMPT - click here for the latest edition of the Manual Therapy Research review

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