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Role of the CEPD Committee

The CEPD committee represents the two merged committees of the CEA (Committee for Education and Approval) and the PDC (Professional Development Committee).



The Education "arm" of this Committee considers all educational issues for the MACP and in particular focuses on the following areas of educational practice.

The present lead is: Jackie Hindle
(contact via MACP administrator)

1. Ongoing monitoring of the quality of courses approved as routes to membership of the MACP
2. Consideration of new courses seeking approval as a route to membership of the MACP
3. Evaluation and approval of short courses to be delivered under the MACP recognition of quality
4. Evaluation of applications for educational bursaries

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CEPD Constitution



Professional Development

The present lead is: Jayne Davies
(Contact via the MACP administrator)

To assist members nationally in the development of their continuing professional portfolios by providing CPD opportunities.
To provide a career structure for physiotherapists who wish to develop skills in the field of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction and leading ultimately to membership.
CPD opportunities include:
practical short courses or conference/seminar forums for disseminating current evidence based practice and clinical effectiveness.
CPD opportunities focus on updating and developing:
- Theory
- Clinical reasoning
- Life-long learning skills.
- Critical appraisal of current evidence based on clinical practice.
- Critical appraisal of current research into musculoskeletal conditions/treatment.



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