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Membership to the MACP is available to physiotherapists with a minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience. Find out more about becoming a member…

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Role of the MACP in Research

MACP Research Strategy

As part of the MACP strategic plan, the association seeks to actively promote research and the dissemination of research findings in the field of neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy. We have numerous mechanisms to support members including;

  • Informing members of current research priorities, funding available both internal and external to the MACP and resources available to support researchers
  • Offering financial assistance in the form of awards and bursaries for undertaking projects and disseminating research findings
  • Supporting members' research by providing relevant links to help them
  • Commissioning work where a relevant need is identified
  • Informing members of the research findings of previous award winners
  • Informing members of current publications and conference presentations
  • Having established processes for inviting and recruiting members to participate in research

On a national level, the MACP is represented within the CSP sponsored National Physiotherapy Research Network (NPRN). The NPRN aims to facilitate research at a grass roots level, develop collaborative links between interested groups, further the development of the scientific knowledge base and expand the use of evidence within physiotherapy practice.

The MACP is regularly involved in national and international level consultation on research, funding priorities and clinical issues relating to musculoskeletal health. As experts in optimising musculoskeletal health, the MACP are ideally placed to positively influence the research agenda but need help from members to do so effectively. We welcome input from members regarding any consultation documents that are circulated and are always happy to receive feedback or comments regarding the MACP research agenda and strategies.

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