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Recruiting members for Research - Current Surveys


Do you treat patients with Greater Trochanteric Pain syndrome (GTPS) / Lateral hip pain?

If so we would be very interested in hearing about the treatments you prescribe and the reasons why you offer them.

I am a physiotherapist who has teamed up with Dr Seth O'Neil (University of Leicester), Dr Chris Littlewood (Keele University) and an international team of researchers as part of a Masters to Doctorate Bridging Programme offered by Birmingham Health Partners. The results from this survey will directly inform future research looking to advance the management of patients with GTPS.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed by clicking on the link below..

Many thanks for considering participation in this research.

Gareth Stephens



Do you use VBI (vertebrobasilar insufficiency) or CAD (cervical arterial dysfunction) testing in your current practice?

If so, we would be interested in understanding how often and why you do this.

We are undergraduate students from Plymouth University conducting a study into current attitudes and values towards VBI testing in physiotherapy. Research on VBI is conflicting so we are looking at the clinical reasoning of physiotherapists who use it.

The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete and is completely confidential and anonymous.

The survey will be available until 3 December 2017.


Subject: BACKonLINE™ Delphi study- invitation to round 1


You have been invited to participate in this Delphi study aiming to develop a patient self-assessment and self-management online tool (BACKonLINE™). Please note that this is an online study and no travel will be required, as participants do not have to meet physically at any time during the study.

The first round of the study will close on the 14th April, 2017. And you may receive reminders to complete the survey should you need prompting to do so.

Please read the attached information sheet for further details, and if you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

To start round 1 of the survey, please follow this link -

Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you

Kind regards,

Dalal Alothman
PhD student
Cardiff University
School of Healthcare Sciences


Do you undertake thoracic spine thrusts? Or know Physio's that do?...

We are investigating manipulative practice in the thoracic spine in UK Physiotherapists. Participation in this survey will take between 10-15 minutes. The survey will not require any follow up questions, interviews or further participation from you. The questions are not aimed to evaluate skill or decision-making as a Physiotherapist- they are aimed to provide data so that we can get an overview of thoracic spine thrust joint manipulation practice amongst UK Physiotherapists. For this reason, we ask that you answer the questions openly and honestly. The study has been approved by The School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences Ethics Committee at Birmingham University (CM 101116-1).

You can access the survey via the following link:

Please pass this link on to any colleagues/friends/contacts that you think may be able to assist.

Many thanks for your time,

Sally Davies


Dear MACP members,

I am seeking physiotherapists to participate in a short survey to describe current UK physiotherapy management of patients with contracted frozen shoulder, post hydrodistension injection of the glenohumeral joint as part of my MSc studies at the University of Hertfordshire.

These questions will be mainly a tick box style with some open-ended questions and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your answers will help to inform current physiotherapy management approaches and may help develop future research.

In order to make the results representative, the study requires as large a sample as possible; so after completing please forward on the link below to any UK based colleagues who assess and treat this patient group.

Please follow the link below to access further information and the survey:

Many thanks for your time and consideration

Philip Clarke

Approving committee: Dr Richard Southern, Health and Human Sciences ECDA Chairman

Protocol number: HSK/PGT/UH/02486


Dear members

The MACP has teamed up with Dr Jo Perry from Coventry University and Drs Nikki Petty and Clare Hebron from the University of Brighton to survey our career pathways following completion of a UK-based Masters and/or MACP programme in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. This short questionnaire will ask you about the career route you have taken since completing your programme of study, how you believe your course influenced you professionally and personally and what elements you might look for in developing your career further. At the end of the survey, there is an option to consider taking part in future research (focus groups or interviews) that will deepen our understanding of the value of this type of learning experience on all aspects of individuals lives.

Please follow this link to undertake the survey:



Clinicians, we need 10 minutes of your time.
Pain @ Neuroscience Research Australia are looking for 200 clinicians to answer a 10 minute questionnaire on the role of acceptance in chronic pain. To get involved e-mail




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