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Membership to the MACP is available to physiotherapists with a minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience. Find out more about becoming a member…

Requirements for membership

Contact the MACP Administration

Pathways for Membership

Currently there are 3 pathways to gaining membership of the full membership of the MACP

  • UK based MSc level course leading to membership
  • Portfolio route
  • Reciprocal Recognition IFOMPT member organisation

UK Based M level Courses
For more information regarding current approved University based courses (PgD or MSc) leading to full membership, including course leader contact details see:

Reciprocal Recognition
The MACP welcomes applications from individuals who are current members, in good standing, of any full member organisation of IFOMPT
For information regarding full member organisations of IFOMPT see

  • Applicants must provide third party evidence in support of your application, which must include:
  • Name of MO
  • Evidence of membership e.g. certificate of membership,
  • A signed letter of support from either your MO administrator, Chair or Secretary stating that you are a current member of their MO

Portfolio route

The Portfolio Route offers an alternative route to membership to the MACP and is relevant to physiothera-pists who are able to provide sufficient evidence that they are able to fulfill the criteria required for member-ship by the MACP and the 10 IFOMPT dimensions. This evidence is collated by the applicant and submitted in a portfolio format with support and guidance provided by the Portfolio Handbook and Portfolio Route Leaders.

This route to membership via the Portfolio Route is particularly relevant to those:

  • Chartered Physiotherapists who have successfully completed modules/units of study in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) that can be mapped against the 10 IFOMPT dimensions and associated learning outcomes
  • Chartered Physiotherapists who have successfully completed modules/units of study as part of an approved route to full MACP membership, but who may not have had the opportunity to undertake a period of clinical mentorship/ clinical placement.
  • Physiotherapists who were previously a member of an IFOMPT Member Organisation, but are unable to join through reciprocal recognition
  • Physiotherapists who are able to evidence fulfilment of the 10 IFOMPT dimensions through a range of approaches to learning e.g. taught MSK or research modules

For further information contact:

Portfolio Route Leaders
You can informally contact one of the Route leaders to explore your interest in applying for the Portfolio Route and discuss your personal needs and/or register your intent. Route Leaders contact details are: Nicola Heneghan or Jackie Hindle


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