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Cauda equina syndrome reference cards

You can use this template to create your own cards acknowledging the work by Dr Susan Greenhalgh, Chris Mercer and Laura Finucane.

Click to download:

CES Card


The following translations are copyright of DynamicHealth for use by physiotherapists to print out and give to patients.

Passion for this project was ignited following a presentation at the Physio UK Conference and research by Dr Susan Greenhalgh, Chris Mercer and Laura Finucane. It highlighted how physiotherapists are so important in signposting patients to seek help.

Information cards - for use when a patients needs to seek emergency help - has been translated into 28 different languages to make it accessible to more people.

Special thanks goes to Dynamic Health and the MACP for supporting this project. Also thanks to Jayne Davies and Komal Bhuchhada for facilitating this project.

Please spread the word and give copies of these translated cards to your patients.

File File size Download
Arabic - CES card 441.55 KB Download
Bengali - CES card 468.43 KB Download
Cantonese - CES card 326.22 KB Download
Czech - CES card 248.25 KB Download
Dari - CES card 422.57 KB Download
Farsi - CES card 474.62 KB Download
French - CES card 236.06 KB Download
German - CES card 268.76 KB Download
Greek - CES card 339.50 KB Download
Gujarati - CES card 385.31 KB Download
Hindi - CES card 532.29 KB Download
Hungarian - CES card 250.28 KB Download
Indian Punjabi - CES card 360.26 KB Download
Italian - CES card 242.88 KB Download
Kurdish Sorani - CES card 445.22 KB Download
Lithuanian - CES card 253.50 KB Download
Mandarin - CES card 277.95 KB Download
Pakistani Punjabi - CES card 390.64 KB Download
Polish - CES card 317.13 KB Download
Portuguese - CES card 258.15 KB Download
Romanian - CES card 248.33 KB Download
Russian - CES card 349.19 KB Download
Slovak - CES card 246.75 KB Download
Somali - CES card 328.52 KB Download
Spanish - CES card 236.26 KB Download
Turkish - CES card 259.34 KB Download
Urdu - CES card 434.21 KB Download


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